Photo Credit: Nate Burrell

Photo Credit: Nate Burrell

What an incredible night that was. It was such an honor to have the opportunity to perform Chuck Berry's music at Loufest music festival with all of these beautiful people. Let's do this again!

Photo Credit: Nate Burrell

Photo Credit: Nate Burrell

Some backstage love before our Chuck Berry Tribute at LouFest Music Festival.

Thank you Billboard for the love. This is going to be special.

Here is some press for the Chuck Berry Show at LouFest Music Festival on September 9. See you there!


Last night felt like a dream. Thanks to Bob Bennett from Jazz at the Bistro for introducing us to our heroes, Herbie Hancock and Vinnie Colaiuta.


THANK YOU to everyone who danced and celebrated with us at the Missouri Botanical Garden. You made the evening truly special. Stay tuned for more exciting news and show announcements.

Thanks to The Riverfront times and Roy Kasten for the kind words. It's an honor to be included in this list!

THANK YOU to everyone who made it out to our performances @ Jazz at the bistro. It was truly a magical weekend. 


Nova - One of The 10 Best St. Louis Albums of 2016 by Christian Schaeffer and the Riverfront Times

PRI's The World : NPR is now spinning "Imagination Voodoo" from the new album, Nova.

According to Kevin Bowers...from The Huffington Post

“’Ground Motion’ is a chant song combining both Brazilian and African drumming. I am aiming for something primitive full of color and vigor for the body and soul. There is no movement without rhythm, and my intentions are to get people to move and make them feel more alive.”


"Nova is an easy to listen to collection of lounge and romantic songs with a Brazilian and Latin flavor." - World Music


"Bowers, whose skill as a drummer has placed him behind the kit in a number of rock, jazz and blues outfits around town, has made a marvel of a record with Nova, pulling from a years-long fascination with Brazilian music ranging from gentle bossa nova to psych-friendly tropicalia to blistering batucada." - Riverfront Times


“The airy bossa nova track features dueling male/female vocals which gives it a bit of “The Girl from Ipanema”-feel.” - Surviving The Golden Age


“He reaches for the sweet, slightly lush sound of Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66, complete with nylon-stringed guitar, airy-voiced flute and equally airy-voiced female duet partner.” - My Spilt Milk


"The songs form a loose narrative, sweeping the listener along in a raptuous saga. Highly recommended!" - Midwest Book Review

Nova Musicians:

Michael Aguirre - vocals

Kevin Bachmann - electric bass

Tony Barbata - percussion & drum kit

Kevin Bowers - drums & percussion, acoustic guitar

Zebadiah Briskovich - upright & electric bass

Paige Brubeck - vocals

Erminie Cannon - vocals

Aaron Chandler - trombone

Andy Coco - vocals

Dave Grelle - piano, electric piano, keyboards, vocals

Jimmy Griffin - vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, 12-string electric guitar

Jordan Heimburger - nylon-string guitar, electric & acoustic guitar

Nathan Hershey - vocals

Adam Hucke - trumpet, piccolo trumpet, French Horn

Ben Reece - flute, tenor sax, clarinet, baritone sax, recorder

Lauren Wilmore - dancer

Alicia Sunshine Depry-Gbaho - dancer

Charis Railey - dancer


Kevin Bowers_Press Images_ - 2.jpg

Nova is the soundtrack to a movie starring Fred Astaire and Lena Horne, directed by Federico Fellini. (Which is a strong contender for the best movie never made.) It’s the kind of record, at least, you make as one of St. Louis’ most respected drummers, featured in Modern Drummer, fresh from releasing a well-received album with soul-punk band The Feed and then lately inspired by a deep & deepening trip through Spain. In other words, it’s intoxicating, it’s invigorating, it’s joyous. Like Kevin Bowers himself, it knows why secrets are whispered. And how to throw a party.

Kevin’s sketch of Spain is the story of two lovers meeting near the Mediterranean Sea. Lyrically, it’s visual, concise, reminiscing. Sonically, it’s expansive, layered, ranging over Latin America and Africa. Brazilian samba, psychedelic rock, solo drum pieces—all find expression in 12 songs attuned to the rhythms of romance and percussive because that’s what love is. The leap forward in songcraft is as much personal as artistic. Nova is not only what a drummer at heart makes but also a genre-hopping composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. This time out, Bowers focused on arranging material for others to sing (unlike his previous two solo releases, My Love Is Yours and Nine Story Building, where he was the lead vocalist). It was a decision—one he made early on—that guided the tones and textures of the songs themselves: restless, innovative and entirely right for the record. They mean to transport you to a better and exciting place, and they do.

Nova also has the distinction of gathering some of the finest rock, blues and jazz musicians (and friends) in St. Louis. Together, they manage to croon like Tony Bennett, pop like Sergio Mendes and pulse like the Beatles at their trippiest. This is music that must be performed and heard live, and Kevin is looking forward to just that.
Nova is available now at select stores and online.




October 14, 2017 @ KDHX's 30th Birthday Bash ** St. Louis, MO 4:15 PM



September 9, 2017 @ LouFest Music Festival - A Special Chuck Berry Tribute Show ** St. Louis, MO 8:00 PM


May 5, 2017 @ Jazz at the bistro ** St. Louis, MO 7:30 & 9:30 pm

may 6, 2017 @ jazz at the bistro ** st. louis, mo 7:30 & 9:30 pm







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